iCracked Advantage uses the power of an iTech network to bring smartphone and tablet repair right to your front door.

No packing, shipping, or waiting by the mailbox for your phone to come back from who knows where.

Don’t go days and weeks without your device. See how we can take care of you!


iCracked Advantage makes repair service convenient and affordable to all. Protect your device for the cost of about 2 lattes a month.

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Membership Has Its Perks

Membership with iCracked Advantage gets you huge discounts on a wide variety of mobile accessories and gadgets, as well as great coverage.

Enjoy up to 50% off items from colorful bluetooth speakers to phone cases from online ships like JLab Audio, Koostick, Remora, and Karma WiFi!

On top of all the personal accessories, enjoy discounts on a variety of entertainment and dining partners, like Papa Johns!